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The 18th edition of the IEE wiring regulations has been published and will become effective from 1st January 2019
The emphasis on the many changes to the “Regs” is again on electrical safety and one significant change is that lighting
circuits are now required to be RCD protected. (Previously only socket outlets required RCD protection)

Our policy for the last couple of years or so has been to provide individual RCD protection for EVERY circuit whenever we
replace an old fuseboard for a modern consumer unit, this is achieved by using an RCBO which is a miniature circuit breaker (MCB) and an RCD in a single trip device. This eliminates the problems caused when an RCD protecting several circuits trips, which could happen when you’re away causing the freezer to defrost when the fault was on a different circuit like the garage or garden shed.

If you require further advice or are considering replacing your fuseboard, I can send you a leaflet published by NAPIT
which answers your FAQs and provides the homeowner with essential information regarding testing and the all important certification.

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